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O&M services Shalamcheh gas measuring plant

O&M services Shalamcheh gas measuring plant

Tuesday، 09 November 2021 | Article Rating
  • Employer: Management of Naftanir Industrial Projects
  • Project Location: Bushehr Province, Bidboland County
  • Start Date: 97/04/01 & nbsp; & nbsp; Completion Date: -

Operation, maintenance and repairs of Shalamcheh measuring facilities from the first year of operation (1397) until now is being done by this company. This facility is a bottleneck for gas exports to Iraq. The specifications of the company's facilities and services are as follows.

Station Specifications:

  • Export capacity of 50 million cubic meters per day, consisting of 4 inputs and outputs
  • Number of employees: 35

Main activities of the company:

  • Planning for operational purposes, resource management, staff training and updating
  • Plan to meet all safety requirements and maximize risk
  • Establish a comprehensive physical asset management system in the project (CMMS)
  • Supply of required goods, spare parts and consumables
  • Utilize all facility disciplines
  • Periodic calibration of all instrumentation equipment
  • Perform periodic visits and services
  • Perform emergency & nbsp; emergency repairs
  • Provide technical inspection services
  • حراست از تاسیسات & nbsp;
  • Telecommunication Services
  • O&M services Shalamcheh gas measuring plant

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