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O&M services of Pasargad Qeshm power plant

O&M services of Pasargad Qeshm power plant

Tuesday، 09 November 2021 | Article Rating
  • Employer: Qeshm Movalled
  • Project Location: Hormozgan Province, Qeshm Island
  • Start Date: 95/01/01 & nbsp; & nbsp; Completion Date: -

Qeshm Pasargad power plant with a production capacity of 500 MW is located on a 100-hectare land on Qeshm Island. The employer of this project is Qeshm Molad Company and this power plant and utility of Pars Refinery is also responsible for Qeshm Refinery. In the first phase of this power plant, 3 gas units with a total capacity of 85 MW and 3 boilers along with 4 desalination plants have been installed, the operation, maintenance and repair of which has been entrusted to Taban Energy Company since 1995. Construction of utility facilities and the second phase of the 320 MW power plant are currently underway.

Power Plant Specifications:

  • Type of power plant: first phase: 85 MW including 2 units of 25 MW and a 35 MW unit of General Electric and Utility with a capacity of 230 tons of steam per hour and 660 cubic meters of fresh water Per hour
  • Phase II: 320 MW Includes a gas unit with Ansaldo Class F turbine Area: 100 hectares
  • Capacity: 500 MW
  • Fuel Main: Gas
  • Fuel backup: diesel
  • Number of employees: 56
  • Main activities of the company: Generation of electricity with high reliability of 98% - Supply of goods, spare parts and consumables required - Operation of all installation disciplines - Calibration Periodically all instrumentation equipment - Perform periodic visits and services - Perform required emergency repairs - Provide technical inspection services
  • O&M services of Pasargad Qeshm power plant

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