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Investment in Taban Pasargad CHP power plant in Gorgan

Investment in Taban Pasargad CHP power plant in Gorgan

Tuesday، 09 November 2021 | Article Rating
  • Location of power plant: Golestan province, Gorgan city
  • Grade of radiant energy: 100%
  • Capacity: 27.9 MW

The need of regional power companies to supply electricity to consumers so that network losses are reduced to a minimum and the network load does not increase too much , Taban Energy Company decided to take a step in the field of construction of small scale gas power plants. The CHP power plant with a capacity of 27.9 MW, which is under technical and economic review, is located in Fazelabad industrial town in Gorgan city of Golestan province. One of the advantages of CHP power plants is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. & nbsp;

Power Plant Specifications:

  • Type of power plant: gas
  • Capacity under ISO conditions: 27.9 MW
  • Area: 7000 square meters & nbsp;
  • Generator Specifications: Gas units with a capacity of 9.3 MW
  • The main fuel of the power plant: gas
  • Alternative fuel: diesel

Main activities of the company:

  • Power supply, installation and commissioning of the power plant
  • Management and supervision of power plant operation
  • Distribution and sale of electricity to the Ministry of Energy

Company share of investment:

  • 100% power plant shares
  • Investment in Taban Pasargad CHP power plant in Gorgan

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