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Taban Energy Pasargad Industries Development Company in 1389 with the aim of providing engineering services in the field of power plants and supply, equipping, commissioning and operation of power plants of Taban Energy Pasargad Industries Development Company (PJSC) in 1389 with the aim of providing engineering services, Supply of goods, execution, operation, maintenance and repairs in the field of power plants, oil and gas pipelines, and gas and oil pressure boosting and reduction facilities were established and the shares of this company are 100% owned by Pasargad Energy Development Group (Pasargad Energy Holding) is. Taban Energy Company, by gathering a rich set of technical and human resources under the management staff with its mission history, has focused on providing new services in the field of power plant, oil and gas industries. Among the competencies and capabilities of the company, the following can be mentioned: - Has a certificate of rank 2 oil and gas contracting - Has a certificate of rank 5 force - Has a certificate of rank 5 water - Has a certificate of contract safety safety - Investor in the field of energy Renewable - Operation of gas power plants, combined cycle and renewable - Supply of goods, spare parts and consumables in the oil, gas and power industries - Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of gas turbochargers - Supply, installation, testing and Commissioning of gas generators - Providing pipeline follow-up services - Providing services for operation, maintenance and repair of gas transmission lines, gas pressure boosting facilities, metering station - Providing engineering services, planning, supply of goods, execution, installation, testing and commissioning Pipelines, reinforcement facilities, gas pressure reducers and oil and gas industry plants


    In the construction and development of renewable power plants and distributed generation

    Taban Energy Company, as the custodian of investment in the construction and development of renewable power plants and distributed generation in the Pasargad Energy Development Group, has defined a special mission in this field. Also, one of the goals of the Energy Development Group is to centralize the provision of operation, maintenance and repair services required by the group in Taban Energy Company, which can be provided to other domestic and foreign companies.
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Activities
    • Power Plants
    • Gas
    • Investment

    Value creation in the upstream field of oil and gas industry through contract management and monitoring the proper implementation of activities associated to engineering, goods and equipment supply, drilling, providing technical, support and logistics services on land and sea

    Provider a wide portfolio of services in the field of energy at home and abroad in order to maintain the assets of customers as well as the development and management of investment portfolio in the field of renewable energy and small scale nationwide with the aim of creating value for shareholders

    The activities of the company in the three general sections of operation, repair and maintenance, trade and investment are as follows: Operation, maintenance and repairs

    O&M Services ٣٢٤ MW Shahid Bakri Gas Power Plant Semnan - Power Plant Specifications: Two 162-megawatt gas units Fuel: Natural gas Backup fuel: diesel

    O&M Services Pasargad Qeshm Gas Power Plant - Power Plant Specifications: Two FRAME gas units ٥ with capacity ٢٥ MW and 1 FRAME gas unit ٦ Construction of General Electric plant with a capacity of ٣٥ MW

    O&M Services Gas Pressure Reducing Stations Shahid Bastami Power Plant Shahroud, Shahid Bakri Power Plant Semnan, Pasargad Power Plant Qeshm

    - Commercial services (purchase, sale and supply of spare parts for diesel and gas generators):

    Sale Sch Schmit generator with a capacity of 1 MW

    Sale ٢ Perkings diesel generator each with a capacity of 2 kW

    Supply of spare parts for power plants in operation of this company

    Investment in construction of 4 MW wind power plant

    Investing in the construction of a ١٠٠ MW solar power plant

    Investment in the construction of a 3 MW distributed generation power plant

    Introducing the board

    Mr. Mohammad Mirzaei

    Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Gholamhossein Ramezanpour

    Vice Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Ali Farokhi

    Member of the Board

    Mr. Ahmad Kafashi

    Member of the Board

    Dr. Yaser Mirzaei


    Taban Energy Pasargad Co.

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